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Sunesis Leisure

  • Client: Sunesis Leisure
  • Contractor: Scape and Willmott Dixon Construction
ScapeWillmott Dixon

Sunesis is a joint venture between Scape, owned by Local Authorities and Willmott Dixon Construction and benefits from the combined experience of public sector know-how and private expertise.

A series of standardized leisure complexes have been developed for Sunesis Leisure. These take a simple and highly efficient approach to leisure centre design and construction to provide everything needed for a successful leisure and fitness centre, with a choice of flexible spaces, including:

  • A main 25m long 4- or 6-lane pool
  • A 10m x 8m Learner Pool
  • A multi-use Sports Hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Optional Dance Studio
  • Associated Changing Facilities and Reception areas
  • Mezzanine level Plant Rooms

The design is flexible to accommodate a number of variants, but with the Plant Room, Changing Facilities and Reception areas common to all.

Roofs are mono-pitched over the pool and communal areas, and curved over the sports hall utilising the efficiency of cellular steelwork and pre-cambering for equalisation of live load deflections.

The superstructure comprises standardised system-built components developed by Scape based on a general grid of 3.6m, varied where necessary to suit specific loading conditions, and utilising SHS sections.

External finishes comprise a combination of rain screen cladding and glazing.

Foundations generally comprise a reinforced concrete semi-rigid raft with continuous edge and internal beams reinforced with mesh fabric reinforcement. Isolated columns and braced bays requiring additional self weight are provided with thickened pad foundations cast monolithically with the raft slab.

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Sunesis Leisure